• We encourage vendors and exhibitors to donate to the Festival for the opportunity to get the word out about your projects and business.


  • Food Vendor Business: $100;
  • Not-for-profit: gratis, donations are deeply appreciated;
  • Microbusiness: please consider a 10% of sales as a donation to the Troost Festival.

• Please bring your own table(s) and chairs. There is $10 fee (our costs) for one table and 2 chairs and must be arranged for at least 10 days prior to the Festival.
• Vendors are responsible for the business licensing of your enterprise.
• • SET-UP can begin on the 3100 block of Troost Ave at 6 am (street closing) and it would be helpful to be completed by 10 am.
• You may enter the block at the Linwood intersection to unload your vehicle. The parking lot of Operation Breakthrough will be available for parking once you have unloaded your vehicle. The lot is just to the north of OB which is on the NE corner of 31st and Troost.
• Vendors/Exhibitors are not required to stay until 8 pm – it is getting dark. if you need to leave early bring a dolly or cart to transport your exhibit to your vehicle.

Vendor/Exhibitor space is not strictly assigned, first come/first served, WITH THESE EXCEPTIONS:

• The Festival committee will be marking out areas for children’s activities, staging, etc., and reserve the park ‘n’ ride lot at the SW corner of 31st & Troost (mural) for Festival assignment.
• Sidewalk space of open businesses on the 3100 block of Troost is reserved for the business’ use so their customers can access the store and their own festival set-up. Please check with proprietors for their set up preferences.
• We request Food Vendors with generators (noise) set up halfway down the 3100 block street (south) from the stage which will be located at the 31st/Troost intersection.
• Vendors and exhibitors are not to use amplification systems near the stage out of respect for the performers.
• Additional note: We may need to keep the center of the street clear for the opening ceremony drill team to march north from the Linwood intersection to stage area at the north end of the block (31st Street) again this year. Tables can be moved to the pavement after the drill team has passed. This has not proved to be a difficulty in the past.
• The Festival organizer’s decisions are final.


• Food Vendor fee can be paid online at
• Please use the southern half of the block for food vendor set up – this is out of respect for the stage performers and audience.
• You are required to meet all city health and business licensing. If you do not have a current food vendor license from the KCMO Health Dept, you MUST make application for a Temporary Event Food Permit (816/513-6315), 2400 Troost Ave.; the city forms are available online at <>
You must be set up by 10 am for the on-site inspection by the Health Dept. Usually, the Inspectors are assigned several festivals to visit, they can and will levy fines for late set-ups.
• Vendors need to provide their own power – we will not be able to provide power.
• The Festival will be setting up Water Stations with paper cups to cut down on plastic bottle waste.

Hints for exhibiting on Troost –
1- There is very little shade opportunity on Troost – it is tempting to set up on the east side of the street in the morning but you will then be in the afternoon sun. Popup tents for shade are great, dress in layers, bring sunscreen, hats!
2- Troost Ave is notoriously windy – come prepared with weights, ropes, etc.
3- The Troost Festival endeavors to be GREEN- we appreciate your cooperation and encourage you to educate the festival goers about the recycling bins for cans and plastic bottles that will be available. We also

Envision Sunshine – there is no alternative date!



You can register as an exhibitor, vendor or volunteer with this online form.

You may also download the Troost Ave. Festival Vendor/Exhibitor Application pdf version and return the signed paper copy with a check made payable to Troost Village Community Association with a notation for the 14th Annual Troost Ave. Festival.
Mailing Address: Troost Village Community Association,
Attn: Renea
123 W Armour Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64111.

Volunteers may use the same application form.

Parent or Guardian:
I, _______________________________________, hereby certify that I am the parent/natural guardian or legal guardian of the Participant, and acting in such capacity hereby acknowledge and agree to each of the releases, waivers, and other agreements set out above in the RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. I hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Released Parties and all other participants, from and against any and all liability and responsibility for any and all injury or harm caused by or to the above named Participant or to others acting on the Participant’s behalf and for any defect in or lack of such capacity to so act and hereby release said parties on behalf of the minor and the parent or legal guardian.
Signature _______________________________________________________________
Date _____________________
PRINT NAME _____________________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________ City ____________________________ State ____________ Zip ___________
Phone Number ________________________________________ Email _______________________________________
__ food vendor
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__ microbusiness
__ volunteer

3100 Block of Troost Ave.

troost layout

Weather Rules

Hey everyone, just wanted to put forth what the technical plans for the Festival if the weather doesn't cooperate: We know the weather is unpredictable. Several years we have had some delays, the show went on and we made do. Setup starts at 6am. If it is lightning, no one should be on the street and we will not set-up until it clears. If it is raining, we will still proceed to set-up the stage and the canopies. We will set up a smaller portable system under the canopies to use until the rain stops. If / when the rain stops we will set up the rest of the system. During the day: little periods of rain we can deal with, we can bag equipment. The biggest concern are the instruments, no musician is going to want to get their instruments wet, but we have worked okay in the past with a rain shower or two. If the wind picks up we have to lower the speakers and lights - we can still use them, they will just be much lower and will not carry as far down the street. High winds may present problems with the canopies. If there is lightning, everything will need to stop til it has been clear for 15-20 minutes. This is a safety concern for everyone, including the artist on the stage, crew and people attending. If severe weather is moving in, we will need ~2 hours to shut down and pack out. Hopefully it will be a beautiful day, but I thought I would give everyone an update as far as the stage / sound / lights plans are. Jeff Jones