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Meetings, 3101 Troost:
Troost Folks, Thursdays, 7:30 pm,
Daytime Festival planning meetings on Wednesdays, 1pm.

Contact: EMAIL CONTACT IS BEST!! You can leave a message at this phone number but we check it spontaneously and infrequently 816-974-FEST (3378)

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Donations for Troost Village are collected through Reconciliation Services PayPal account. Please indicate Troost Village/Troost Festival as the recipient of your donation. And THANK YOU!!!

Everyday People. Living Together.

12th Annual Troost Festival
May 21, 2016 • 10am to 8pm
** up to $20 off your UBER ride to or from the Festival with code TROOSTFEST


On Stage
MC – Mike Murphy & Larry J from KKFI 90.1 FM
Jeff Jones, audio person extraordinaire
Christina Ali, stage

Ecstatic Dance – 10:15a
Ms Starr / Soul – 10:40a
Pierce / Spoken Word – 10:45a
Jesse Jones One Man Alley Band
Operation Breakthrough Choir – 11:20a
Mizznekol / Hip Hop – 11:30a
Potlickers Possum Run / Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, Irish – 11:45a
SNAPZ / Hip Hop / Pop – 12:10a
Paige Plemons / Blues 12:35p
Rappin’ Foster Grandparents – 12:50p
Bike Power / Rock Punk Alternative – 12:55
“If I Could Change the World” Spoken Word Project – 1:10p
The Masculine / Conscience Rap – 1:20p
City In Motion Children’s Dance Theatre & Apprentice Co. – 1:45p
PRiM ONE / Poet – 2p
Babylon Escape Plan / Roots Reggae Dub- 2:05p
Krutial Kreations / Youth Dance – 2:30p
Father Rhyme & Jrastic / Hip Hop – 2:40p
Sick Type Entertainment / Hip-Hop -3p

Waldo Gymnastics & Cheer – 3:20p
Subtropicals / Latin Fusion – 3:30p
Jennifer E. Hudgens / Poet – 3:55p

An ATS Collective / Am. Tribal Style Belly Dance – 4p
K-town / Hip-Hop – 4:15p
Ty Davis / Poet – 4:30p

Inner Expressions Performing Arts Center – 4:35p
Amado Espinoza / World Music – 4:50p
Groupo Axe Capoeira Kansas City / Martial Arts – 5:15p

Dysmay & GTech LOA / Hip Hop – 5:30p
The Wierdos Dance Co. – 5:45p
Alex Dace / Hip Hop – 5:55p
The American Vaudeville Co. / Theatrical Comedy, Circus – 6:10p
Matt Diamond / Hip Hop – 6:30p

Rock N Soul Revue / Rock, Soul, R&B
featuring: Albert Irving & Ving / Ms Kitti & Amara – 6:45p

TK / Hip Hop – 7:15p

Dear Audience! Troost Village (aka Troost Folks) thank the performers for donating their time and talent
to the Troost Festival as well as
City Rent A Truck (Bill Drummond), Kissick Construction for generator (Scott Burnett),
Galexy Audio (AVA Reps and Ben Shipmen) for Soap Box PA, Outfront media for bill boards (Kiddy Hiruy),
Reconciliation Service for meeting space, Operation Breakthrough,
Westport Presbyterian Church (round tables), UBER, Peter Hughes and Don Reck,
Sasha Bankslova, Ben Herron, KC NTDF & Waste Management, and Dialogue Leaders and VOLUNTEERS.

On the Street

Tentative Schedule for the Dialogue Tent
1:00 pm ART / SPIRITUALITY – Jude Huntz and Scott Myers
2:00 pm ENVIRONMENT / RESOURCE – Dianne Waddell and Maye Hays
3:00 pm HEALTH / SCIENCE – Renee Roosa and TBA
4:00 pm EDUCATION / JUSTICE – Rae Petersen and Susie Roling

What is your most pressing CONCERN regarding the topic(s)?
Where does your deepest PASSION lie regarding your concerns?
How could you apply your passion to address this concern and put a solution into ACTION?


Since DAY 1 of festival birth and planning in 2004 and 2005, we have wanted to stimulate a dialogue that would overcome the dividing line – We’ve had a “COFFEE HOUSE” on the street using 10 large wooden spools (donated by KCPL) for art, community, communication, education, environment, health, justice, resources, science and spirituality and a “SOAP BOX” where people can sign up to have time with a microphone to say what concerns them/offer solutions.


The mission of the Troost Festival – creating a meeting place to heal the dividing line – remains primary. However, with the 12th festival, Collegium Spiritus (Fred Culver and Rae Petersen) are looking to purposely create “Circles of Exchange” and “Fluid Networks”.

Our goal is to provide space and opportunity for festival goers to gather, form ongoing friendships and awaken to our power to collaborate.

Facilitating these dialogues are community leaders, who will offer their experiences and visions to the group of participants—wanting to generate new ideas and actionable community building projects.

table-tent-setup-troost-dialogueTentative Schedule for the Dialogue Tent
1:00 pm ART / SPIRITUALITY – Jude Huntz and Scott Myers
2:00 pm ENVIRONMENT / RESOURCE – Dianne Waddell and Maye Hays
3:00 pm HEALTH / SCIENCE – Renee Roosa and TBA
4:00 pm EDUCATION / JUSTICE – Rae Petersen and Susie Roling

Everyone is invited to the dialogue and community response sessions.

Each person attends the ‘dialogue-of-choice’ and has access to the engagement tables-in-common.

Don’t forget that the Troost Festival is an opportunity for groups, organizations, vendors, and exhibitors to share their messages. See the Troost Festival vendor exhibitor sign up form for setting up a ‘sidewalk table’ free of charge if you bring your own table and chairs. CONTACT US FOR 2016, JUST A FEW DAYS AWAY!!


The Dialogue Tent
community and communication
“Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~ Howard Thurman

DIALOGUE is not discussing what the world needs; it is the HIGH-SYNERGY of RADICALIZED LOVE (i.e. ‘coming alive’ in relation to each other). Howard Thurman says, DO NOT WORRY about what the world needs … INSTEAD, he is asking what is YOUR ULTIMATE CONCERN and ULTIMATE INTEREST? The Dialogue Tent asks ‘‘What is each person’s GREATWORK within and among for all living beings. We are engaged with one another in the NOW as we say THOU.
(1) Spiritual, (2) Integral, (3) Participatory, (4) Transcultural, (5) Enabling, (6) Systemic

Dialogue means engaging with open mind, open heart, and open will to overcome fragmentation and alienation. Discussion and debate can be included; however, what matters is ‘coming alive’ as friends. Cultural wars must be overcome with ‘radicalized love.’

The world needs people who are alive ‘alone’ and ‘together’, risking deep concerns and passionate interests within a transcultural world. We require ‘rich diversity’ to be fully human, enabling each to live to our creative capacity through synergy. Getting beyond self-interest of ‘ego’ to the emergence of ‘eco’ community is urgent.

Leading From the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies, Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer contend that meeting the challenges of this century requires updating our economic logic and operating system. They propose shifting from an obsolete “ego-system” that focuses entirely on individual well-being to an ecosystem that emphasizes the well-being of the whole. In this excerpt, they focus on a key element of this change: learning how to see ourselves through the eyes of others and of the whole.

Links for background and philosophy

The Troost Festivals are dedicated to celebrating the diversity of the Troost community. It is by recognizing our collective cultures and learning to draw out the best and let go of the worst, a new culture emerges that transcends what any of us could be merely on our own. We really become “better together.”

‘Troost Folks’ is a spontaneous effort to build community in the urban core, focusing initially on the 3100 block of Troost Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. Since 2005, a festival has been held to encourage “neighbors celebrating neighbors,” so that Troost Avenue will be a ‘meeting place’ rather than as a ‘racial dividing line’.

The idea of an ‘urban village’ stimulates rethinking of community. There are numerous agencies to meet the needs of disadvantaged people and there is also a sizable community of ‘movers and shakers’. We are seeking to get beyond ‘agency mentality’; while at the same time, resisting gentrification with ‘one-percent’ values.